Malta Government Technology Investments Ltd

MGTIL is a Government owned company tasked with the objective to seek business investment opportunities in the field of Technology.

The company is committed to promote technology related initiatives and implement projects that will also generate value for the general well being of society.


MGTIL was founded by the Government of Malta in 2007. Its primary function is to identify technology projects with business investment potential and which can also improve the quality of life of Maltese residents. Such projects will also add value and contribute to the digital and physical technological infrastructure of the Maltese Islands.

Supporting the ever-growing needs of the Maltese economy, it is tasked to research, develop and implement projects in the fields of:

  • Tech Research and Innovation
  • Tech Startups, Incubators & Accelerators
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Green Energy
  • Network Systems
  • Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Technology
  • Digital Transport Infrastructure
  • Aviation Support Services
  • Maritime Support Services
  • National Security Systems
  • Blockchain and AI Solutions
  • Creation of Innovative Work Spaces

MGTIL is an outward looking investment company with the potential of raising public investment and merging it with private sector investment in order to make technology related projects of national interest happen. It is driven by the public sector ethos, however, prioritising on the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability characteristics of the private sector.

MGTIL holds 7% shareholding in Smartcity Malta.

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